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Check Out This Amazing DIY LEGO Helicopter That Actually Flies

Say hello to RC hobbyist Adam Woodworth. Adam Woodworth is famous for making custom drones. Why are we talking about an RC hobbyist? Well, other than the fact that this is a very cool hobby, Adam has created a huge flying LEGO helicopter drone featuring the little figurine.

Yes, you read that right actually. Adam Woodworth has had the small LEGO helicopter from six years old and decided to bring his childhood toy to life by creating a giant flying version of his LEGO helicopter. The recently created LEGO helicopter is ten times the size of the toy that Adam Woodworth has.

The larger version has been created using foam. The whole contraption weighs in at only four pounds, thus making it light enough to fly without any trouble. Adam made use of insulation foam for crafting a lightweight yet rigid helicopter by making use of laser cuts. We should warn you though, not everything about this LEGO helicopter is as it seems.

The rotating blade at the top could have fooled anyone. However, a large square blade like that simply cannot provide sufficient enough lift for this LEGO helicopter to fly. The rotating blade is meant simply for the sake of decoration. The helicopter actually makes use of a propeller that allows it to spin, thus giving the impression that the helicopter is flying because of the rotating blade on top.

In reality, the actual lift is generated using a quadcopter that has been hidden in the legs. The whole project required a lot of fine-tuning and Woodworth spent quite some time carrying out the necessary tests to make sure that his creation would fly without any trouble before completing the project and finishing the helicopter. The outcome of this hard work is a helicopter that has been wonderfully engineered!