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Check Out These 20 Temporary Swimming Pool Ideas To Beat The Heat

Summer is here, and the heat is not going away any time soon enough. One of the best ways to cool down is to jump into the pool. However, if you don’t already have a pool; building or buying a temporary swimming pool might do the trick. Here’s a list of 20 cool but temporary swimming pools for your perusal!

20. This one is made from an old car

Artist Benedetto Bufalino came up with this amazing idea of transforming an old car into an outdoor swimming pool.

19. How about a stock tank one?

Buying a stock tank pool is also a good way to go! Simply add some decking and voila.

18. DIY it!

If you possess the will and the skill; you can also make yourself a pool!

17. Don’t Want To DIY? Purchase One!

If you can manage the cost; get yourself a new pool!

16. This Bad Boy Won’t Come Cheap Though!

You can also get this amazing temporary outdoor pool, Aquaglide Ocean Pool, for the cost of $3,000.

15. This is For Smaller Budgets

You can also get an inflatable one and enjoy!

14. Swimming Pools For Pets

This is the KOPEKS Outdoor Rectangular Dog Swimming Pool!

13. Beer Crates Were Put To Good Use

You can recycle and have fun simultaneously with this DIY beer crate outdoor swimming pool!

12. How About Using An Old Skip?

Clean it up, impart waterproofing, and fill it with water!

11. Got An Old Truck?

Using an old truck is also a great way of making a temporary swimming pool.

10. Rely On Your Current Pickup Truck

Make sure that you get the waterproofing done right!

9. Recycle An Old Tire

You can always transform old tires into an amazing outdoor pool!

8. A Livestock Water Trough

It won’t look bad as well!

7. Got An Old Shipping Containers?

They can be used for different purposes, including making yourself an outdoor swimming pool.

6. Cinder Blocks Are A Good Choice

The outcome actually looks amazing.

5. Cardboard!!!

This is just impressive.

4. Laziest Outdoor Pool

This is an example of a cheap but functional pool.

3. An Old Water Silo

Get an old wooden water silo, and you are on your way!

2. An Inflatable Pool

If you can spend $2,000; this inflatable pool is all yours!

1.  Steel Round Pool

Get a Bestway Power Steel 18 x4 Foot Round swimming pool, and you are good to go!

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