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You Can Get Fake Instagram Likes And Followers Using This Russian Vending Machine


Social media is a slot machine for all of us; we just can’t get enough of the “rewards” that are bestowed upon us in the shape of likes and shares etc. But the converse is equally true; one can get devastated and feel neglected if his/her posts are not appreciated.

This is where the new vending machine in Russia comes in, which is selling likes and followers for money for people’s social media accounts in Russian malls. People can pay $0.87 to get 100 fake Instagram likes on their food court pictures and $1.75 they can gain 100 new followers!


The machine can also take selfies, print your photos and sell fake likes and followers on other platforms like VK, which is the Russian Facebook wannabe.

Motherboard reports that Snatap, a Russian company are behind the “service,” and they already have around 20 vending machines in operation around the country. You can even rent your own machine for $245, although further details on this deal are obscure.


Snatap explains that when people pay for their service the machine they

“automatically adds customer’s in social.networks [sic]” and “sends requests to the client’s friends.”

This means getting fake likes even one time would add your account to the circle of auto likers, and you will inadvertently be sending advertisements for Snatap’s clients for that time onwards.

But many people are unconcerned about being part of the scam and are seen praising the facility,

“You can now buy likes and followers through a vending machine in the mall under the Kremlin wall,” the caption read under the photo. “This is the cyberpunk we deserve.”

What a time to be alive!