Click Farms Like This In China Use Thousands Of Phones To Publish Fake Product Ratings

China Click farm (1)

Most people in this era have an obsession with fame, and people attempt the most terrible things to get theirs, even if it lasts only a few minutes. Some people have their lives and businesses dependent on social media. For the success of a social media business venture, it is crucial to have enough followers and more importantly good reviews.


Well, do not fall for social media popularity trap. A ‘Click Farm’ in China is equipped with 10,000 handsets that they use to boost the online popularity of their clients with phony ‘likes’ and fake reviews. A Russian reporter captured the click farm on video, showing racks and racks of phones, running social media apps. There are people inside the tiny office as well, but they do not appear to be working on the likes. The business charges its customers thousands of pounds for their service.

Experts say most of the digital manipulation in the world is carried out in China and Russia with a global impact. The purpose of such a scam is to get reviews, likes and even comments to make a social media channel or app more attractive. The manipulation can be used to make things viral which can bring in better advertising opportunities.


Scientists at University of Southern California and Indiana University have discovered that nearly 15 percent of Twitter accounts are fake. In a total of 319 million monthly active users, it implies 48 million bot accounts.

Instagram has managed to close down a lot of Instagrams bots that gives fake likes and posts comments to provide more coverage to accounts.

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