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People Are Sending Their Loved Ones Here After Death. The Reason Will Blow You Away

What more can you do with the conventional cremation and burial? Apparently, a lot more considering this new approach that has been introduced by a Swiss company known as Algordanza. The company came up with this wonderful innovation that allows a new take on the burial and cremation. Now people can opt for their ashes to be converted into a diamond. Yes, a real diamond!

Here’s the Machine that is used for Making DiamondsThis is How the Collected Carbon Looks Like
This is how it looks after initial processing.

This is the raw product
That is Converted into This Magnificent Diamond
Depending upon the Amount of Boron in the ashes; The diamond is Bluer

Algordanza is making the use of a number of machines along with some really wonderful scientific processes  to make the ashes of your loved ones undergo a transformation resulting in the creation of a peculiar memorial diamond. The company separates the carbon from the dead person’s ashes and then converts it into graphite followed by subjecting it to high temperatures and pressure, thus creating the diamond ‘seed’.

The diamond’s color is dependent upon the amount of boron that is present in the ashes with more boron resulting in a diamond with more blue shade. Although these do look pretty, the cost of one such diamond is around $4,500 apart from the cost of cremation. So would you get your loved one converted into a diamond? Check out the youtube video below for more details: