Now You Can Buy Your Own Rideable Robot For A Million Dollars On Amazon Japan

Suidobashi Heavy Industry, a Japanese Company, announced a few years ago that they would create a giant robotic mech suit that you can ride to get the transformers feel complete with a BB Gatling gun. Kuratas is your ultimate cosplay, and all you need to get one on Amazon Japan is a million dollars.

While you may think that such a giant robot is a making of some mad scientist like Mandark but this one is meant for all the good reasons. Kuratas is not as perfect as the transformers, but a cool thing to own nonetheless. It moves with the speed of only five miles an hour, and its nearly 12 feet of height weighing 5 tons is not exactly perfect for all places.

It is a huge robot, listed on Amazon with a price tag of 120 million yen (US$1,008,000) ever since 2015. If you have that kind of money just lying around and you are all prepared to order one, you have a few things to remember. When you buy it on Amazon, you do not get a fully assembled Kuratas suit. Instead, you get a Kuratas starter kit that you have to compile yourself. Such IKEA feels!

You will also have to pay extra for the arms on the robot that you see in most photographs. The plastic rocker launcher and the BB Gatling gun also does not come with the original starter kit, and these are obviously the robot’s greatest features.

While making you pay extra for the best features of your rideable robot, the Kuratas does not even qualify for free shipping. An additional 350 yen ($3) will be charged for the delivery, but if you are buying it for any of your loved ones, it can come in gift wrapping.

We know that the Kuratas comes with a Gatling gun and does not appear to be something that could be used for peace but we do hope that people buying it do not go out murdering people.

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