Bye Bye Plunger! Korean Inventors Introduce A Genius Toilet Unclogging Device


For many years, the dirty plunger has unclogged our toilet easily and effectively. Recently, a Korean inventor has come up with the perfect unclogging device that saves you from any danger of contamination. He created a sealed system through plastic which produces the same pressure and suction as that of a plunger without the need of going below the toilet seat.

How Does it Work:

The plastic ring, shaped like the toilet rim is covered with an adhesive that attaches to the toilet, making it air-tight. The plastic cover is then pressed down, creating a ramming effect that forces the clog of waste down the drain.


Credits: Youtube screenshots
Credits: Youtube screenshots

The disposable unclogging device is easy to use and makes things less messy but many people question whether the device is actually better than plunger?

‘First, this looks like a single-use utility – as compared to a $10 plunger. Second, hopefully you make that seal nice and tight. And finally, now you have a weird piece of flimsy plastic that’s covered in poo water than you need to throw out. Have fun with that.’ said one commenter on the YouTube video of the device.

While it is possible that adhesive does not make a good seal and your bathroom ends up flooded with murky water, but still there is an appeal in not using a contaminated plunger that has sat in your bathroom corner for years. Here, check out the video on how the device works.

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  1. M@rk Reply

    I think the cure is worse than the disease for this particular invention.

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