This Head Scarf With 16 Layers Of Bulletproof Kevlar Is Your Ultimate Safety Wearable

The world today has become increasingly unsafe and it is necessary for us to take protective measures. Sadly but inevitably, it has introduced us to technologies that protect us in case of an attack. A Lebanese architect has created a head scarf that utilizes 16 layers of bulletproof Kevlar. This Keffiyeh scarf called K29 001 provides protection from all sides and angles. The scarf that looks very much like the one commonly worn in middle-eastern countries was unveiled at the Beirut Design Week.

Although the head covering is made from Kevlar, the extent of its bullet-proof nature is still being determined. However, the item seems more like a symbol of protection than a literal tool. Salim-Kadi, the architect, talks about his design.

“This project explores the potential of Kevlar as a powerful material designed to resist bullets and similar flying projectiles. having been smiggled into Lebanon, the length of Kevlar was transformed into a supple textile in the lap of a woman in Ain al-Hilweh, who embroidered a traditional pattern uppon it whilst preserving the structural integrity of its fibers.”

Credits: Salim Kadi
Credits: Salim Kadi

The purpose of creating this scarf combined with the engineering behind the use of Kevlar fibers give the covering a unique feel. The invention points towards the need of protection and symbolizes the lack of safety in our everyday lives.

“By wrapping it around one’s head, the weave’s performance is increased through the layering of material and multi-directionality of the weave. It acquires a familiar symbolism upon the battlefield.”

Although this design might not be that practical when it comes to protection, it shows how engineering can be used as a symbolic design to convey a powerful message against the impending danger.

Credits: Salim Kadi
Credits: Salim Kadi

Pretty unique and amazing idea! What do you say?

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