5 Cool And Amazing Things That You Can 3D Print

3D printing is “the thing” these days. From printing keychains to prosthetic limbs, even sky is not the limit. In an attempt to further iterate this fact, we have collected the list of 5 cool and amazing things that can be printed using a 3D printer.

1) Yourself – But A Little Smaller

Twinkind, a Berlin-based company, sells amazingly life-like 3D-printed miniature models that are made by performing your 360-degree scans.

Picture Credits: Quartz
Picture Credits: Quartz

2) Anything Your Child Imagines

Crayon Creatures, as the name suggests, takes your children’s drawings and turns them into wonderful yet terrifying 3D figurines. Now you can convert your child’s wildest dreams into reality!

Picture Credits: crayoncreatures
Picture Credits: crayoncreatures

3) A Model Of Your Heart

The National Institute of Health recently set up a 3D print exchange, where doctors and researchers can share, upload, and search 3D models of various viruses, molecules, lab equipment, and anatomic models for printing. This is probably not for the hobbyists, but it is very useful and intriguing to see that MRI scans can now be used to print accurate models of human hearts. Doctors can use these models to pre-plan and test out the future operations and surgeries.


Picture Credits: JumpTraders
Picture Credits: jumptrading

4) Camera Lens

You can 3-D print a fully-functional SLR camera within 15 hours for $30 only (the material cost). Assembly, with instructions, will take almost an hour. The camera is capable of taking quality pictures and is compatible with any photographic lens. You can also print out the lens if you want to, but the picture quality will have to be compromised a little.

Picture Credits: thingiverse
Picture Credits: thingiverse

5) Gadgets and Goodies

We all know that the biggest boost given by 3D printing is the gadget accessorization. From laptop cover to phone lids, the examples are endless. Below, you can see a clever iPad stand, multi-purpose iPhone case, an iPhone wall mount for charging, and some gear wraps for your ever-tangling cords.

Credits: popsci
Picture Credits: popsci

Share more cool stuff that we can print using a 3D printer in the comments’ section below.

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