Build Your Own Working Jet Engine Model At Home

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DIY Jet Engine

General Electric has come up with a 3D model of a jet engine and even those of us who have no knowledge of aerospace engineering whatsoever can make this model at home without breaking a sweat. We have compiled a step-by-step guide in order to help you with this jet engine model. Oh and once its complete, you can see how it works since it is a completely working model.

Step 1DIY Jet Engine 2

First thing first; you need the files in order to print out the parts. So head over to and download the files you need.

Step 2DIY Jet Engine3DIY Jet Engine 6 DIY Jet Engine2 DIY Jet Engine 5 DIY Jet Engine3 DIY Jet Engine4

Make use of the files and print the parts using a 3D printer.

Step 3Jet Engine Assembly Guide DIY Jet Engine 4

Follow this info-graphic to assemble the parts and complete the jet engine.

Step 4DIY Jet Engine 5

Package the assembly up.

Step 5DIY Jet EngineDIY Jet Engine 6

That is it Folks. As you can see the parts fit in perfectly and the turbine model works!




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  2. You are a fake person may be you have copied this thing From GNX ENGINE so stop faking out and give the original details if you are that capable of doing the thing