Breaking: Two Eurofighter Typhoons Crash After Colliding Mid-Air Over Germany

Reports are emerging out of northern Germany of a double crash involving two Eurofighter Typhoon jets belonging to the German Air Force. The crash occurred at around 14.00LT (12.00 GMT) on 24th June after the two jets collided mid-flight over a lake while on an air combat exercise.

According to authorities in the German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania over which the fatal crash took place, one of the jets crashed in the forest while the other one crashed near a village about 10km away, with both pilots ejecting when the jets went down. While one of the pilots is reported to be safe after the incident, the other one did not survive the crash. The two jets were based out of the German Air Force base in Laage and belonged to the TLG73 “Steinhoff” squadron of the said air force.

Local news stations posted footage of the crash sites, which can be seen to be quite far from each other.

The pilot who managed to survive the harrowing incident was found dangling from a tree by emergency services and locals, who rushed to the scene. The collision reportedly took place over Lake Mueritz which is around 100km away from the German capital of Berlin. This is the seventh time that the fighter jet has been involved in a fatal accident and the first time since October of 2017.

The Eurofighter Typhoon is an advanced twin-engine, multi-role fighter jet which was developed after years of collaboration between a number of European countries including the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. It is currently in use by 9 different air forces after it was sold to some Middle Eastern nations as well. This is the first time that two Eurofighters have been involved in a single accident, with each of them costing upwards of 90 million Euros.

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