Brazilian Kid Creates An Working Excavator From Syringes

Genius Youngster – Scale Model made from scrap and it Works 2

Genius Youngster – Scale Model made from scrap and it Works 3You can find hardworking people quite easily but it takes real effort to find a genuinely genius person. Our today’s article talks about one such child who has actually proven that a genius can work and deliver even where there’s scarcity of resources. Today we are going to cover one of the best DIY builds we have ever seen. For those of you who still don’t know what this abbreviation means; DIY stands for Do it yourself. So yes, this child did come up with something that he did himself and it is a great work of wonderful engineering.

Genius Youngster – Scale Model made from scrap and it Works 2Meet Wesley Pereira de Souza, a Brazilian child, who has a hobby of constructing models and has come up with a scale model, which is able to mimic the real excavator. Before we go into the details; let us remind you again that this is a homemade model. Now get ready to get blown away. This DIY project has been built by making use of a combination of scraps which includes old syringes, wood pieces and tubes. That’s not all folks; this model is able to mimic the actual excavator’s bucket movement, which are hydraulic in nature, and is able to perform movements of individual sections as well.

Genius Youngster – Scale Model made from scrap and it WorksAlthough this project, on the outside, seems interesting only because a child made this at home with scrap material but dig a bit deeper and you’ll find that this presents an opportunity for the whole human race. We can foresee the use of recycled material to build machinery in the future which would eventually help in restoring balance to the resources’ consumption and their regeneration. The idea might seem a bit far-fetched but hey it is still there and might very well come into play soon enough.

We would like to congratulate our young engineer who has accomplished this much at such a small age and we hope that he continues this hobby of his.

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    Can I watch the video? I also wanna create such kind of things based on this concept.

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