Boston Dynamic’s Robot Dogs Can Now Talk In An English Accent

Boston Dynamics has once again pushed the boundaries of robotics with their latest innovation—Spot, the robot dog, can now take on the role of an English tour guide, complete with accents and personalities that leave visitors both entertained and amazed.

In a recently released video, Boston Dynamics showcased Spot’s newfound ability to answer questions and crack jokes, while adorned with charming tiny hats and googly eyes. The robot leads guests to various locations and vividly describes what it sees, providing a remarkably lifelike tour guide experience.

What sets this development apart is the range of accents and personalities that Spot can embody. From the posh “fancy butler” to the spirited “excited tour guide,” or even the snarky and moody “Josh,” Spot’s versatility is astounding. The robot’s witty and unexpected responses, such as haikus about its surroundings, have left both its creators and viewers pleasantly surprised.

The key to Spot’s transformation is ChatGPT, a powerful language model that converts visual and auditory information into speech and commands for the robot. Creators provide a prompt with context and descriptions of the tour, but they emphasize that the magic lies in the AI’s improvisational abilities. Spot can respond to questions, identify objects, and comment on its environment thanks to ChatGPT’s seamless integration with a Visual Question Answering model.

This technology not only enhances the experience for those interacting with Spot but also raises questions about the future of AI in various sectors, from tourism and education to customer service. Boston Dynamics has created a robot with an uncanny ability to engage and entertain, making it an ideal companion for guiding people through museums, historic sites, or even futuristic amusement parks.

Even while Spot’s endearing personas and conversational abilities seem lighthearted, they mark a substantial advancement in robotics and artificial intelligence. The opportunities for developing dynamic and captivating AI-driven experiences that conflate fact and fiction are endless as technology advances. We’re getting closer to a time when robots serve as friends and entertainment rather than just being tools thanks to Boston Dynamics and ChatGPT.

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