Bosco Verticale Is A Vertical Forest In the Middle Of Milan

Bosco Verticale is a green, serene-looking residential compound in the middle of a famous city in Italy. Situated in Milan, the two towers stand at the height of 80 and 112 meters, and both are covered with an exceptional amount of plants and trees. This tremendous amount of greens in both of the towers inspire its name of a vertical forest.

Boeri Studio and its team of architects were behind this spectacular design of Bosco Verticale. It was designed and constructed as a home for trees and birds, a place to live for humans. Building these towers with such design was a part of the wider renovation project held in 2014; these green residential blocks were inaugurated in October of the same year.

The two towers consist of 800 trees, including 480 first and second-stage trees while 300 smaller ones. There are 15,000 perennials and/or ground covering plants and 5,000 shrubs in these buildings, known as a vertical forest.

Boeri Studio website states, “Unlike ‘mineral’ facades in stone or glass, the plant-based protection does not reflect or magnify the sun’s rays but filters them thereby creating a welcoming internal microclimate without harmful impacts on the environment.”

These so-called green curtains regulate the inside humidity of the towers and aids in producing a healthy amount of clean, breathable air. This high number of plants also helps in absorbing CO2 and microparticles. And such attributes combined have earned these towers some decent number of awards.

The name Bosco Verticale sounds more like a marketing description done by its builders. However, in this case, its name is testified by its residents living there for years now. A CNBC study states that having an enormous number of plants in these buildings has a significant positive impact on its residents.

Simona Pizzi said he has been living at the Bosco Verticale since its opening, and it doesn’t feel like living right in the middle of busy Milan, where everything goes pretty fast.

Pizzi furthermore added that the entire effect of greenery everywhere with real trees and plants has for sure had a positive effect on its resident’s life. The trees bring the temperature down in the summer, keeping the ambiance more pleasant. It also comes with its upsides in the winters as it creates a greenhouse effect in the atmosphere, resulting in a lesser need for heating systems.

A team known as Flying Gardeners climb down from the two towers’ roof once a year for the plant’s general maintenance and necessary cleanups of its water systems. This helps in keeping the atmosphere of the towers clean. These buildings have a centralized irrigation system, which is monitored by an automated digital system.

A few years after its inauguration, Italy’s Bosco Verticale has become home to many animals insects, including about 1,600 specimens of butterflies and birds, all of which live in peace with the human inhabitants.

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