Artist Makes Realistic-Looking ‘Wooden’ Driveway That Is Actually Concrete

Ever heard or seen custom concrete artwork? If no, you are in for a treat for your eyes. Brandon is a custom concrete artist based in Miami, Florida, and his latest work of art, “Wooden Driveway,” has gone viral on the internet. He is famous for his Brandon Landis Collection, and seeing it would make you crave to have this done to a part of your house.

The images demonstrating his innovative and unique work of art have created a ton of positive reactions online. Brandon gained more limelight with his latest concrete driveway that looks like wood. You have to see this for yourself.

How It Looked Before

This stone driveway was pleasant, sure, but it wasn’t something outclass for such a unique landscape.

Brandon got down to work sanding the stones. After that, he poured fresh concrete over the top and re-did it with a wood grain texture.

After Doing The Trick

You might think of these pictures as a scam, but it entirely is made of concrete. Too good to believe would sound just right here. Brandon used concrete and epoxy and finally added some mesmerizing wooden texture to it.

Here’s a close-up look at how the concrete is textured.

As you can witness, he uses a blend of different, pigmented concrete colors to create texture that flawlessly mimics wood. This is great for rooms or driveways that actual wood wouldn’t last long on.

The guy has found massive fame with his wood finishes. Shown below is some of his amazing and unique artwork that you might never have had an idea of.

Shown below is an example of his artwork on a staircase, which he completed with resin layers (aka epoxy) in multiple blue shades. When the resin hardens, it gets impenetrable.

While Brandon offers canvases to buy, it’s his floorwork where the guy truly outshines other artists. This marble/geode kind of texture is so sturdy that it will hold up to animals running on it!

Brendon’s Most Famous Artwork Remains The Wooden Driveway!

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