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Bosch Unveils An Electric Stroller For Parents

Bosch is determined to help parents by providing them with assistance in the form of its e-stroller system. The e-stroller makes it easier for the parents to walk with their toddlers.

The e-stroller system is comprised of two low-noise electric motors that have been mounted to the rear axle, a Bluetooth module, and a few smart sensors. These sensors are responsible for determining the speed and acceleration of the stroller while observing the surface that the stroller is traversing. The best thing about the e-stroller is that it uses algorithms for predicting what the parents intend to do.

For instance, if parents are taking the baby out for a walk, the system will automatically engage to provide assistance parents are moving uphill or will engage the motor brake if the parents accidentally let go of the stroller thus preventing it from rolling back down the hill. The e-stroller system is capable of reducing the pull of the stroller when moving down the hill. It also manages to keep itself straight and steady when moving on the uneven ground during one-handed operation.

The e-stroller comes with a companion iOS/Android app that enables users to select from three forms of electric assist, checking the battery’s status, and arming the built-in alarm – that engages the parking brake while sounding the siren if someone tries to steal the stroller. It features an 18-volt Li-ion battery that is also used in Bosch power tools. It is locked in a compartment that is meant for it during use and can be taken out for charging purposes. The electric-assist range is about 15 kilometers for every 2.5 hours of charging.

As per Bosch, the stroller system has been tested in a wind tunnel up to a seven on the Beaufort scale and can stand its ground even during gusts of wind moving at a speed of 60 km/h. The company further says that during testing, it was noted that the posture of the parents improved considerably. It will be released during early 2020 in collaboration with Swedish stroller manufacturer Emmalijunga.