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Abu Dhabi Airport Installs World’s First GoSleep Sleeping Pods


GoSleep is the latest state of the art sleeping pod introduced to the world by Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) that features a sliding shade that not only isolates the user from light, noise and crowd, but also provides the user with top privacy level. 10 sleeping pods have been installed at Terminal 3 and Terminal 1 at the Abu Dhabi International Airport, and another 35 are expected to be installed by the end of 2013.

GoSleep pods display Finnish design and are in fact compact chairs that can be transformed into a flat bed when required. The company intends to add more advanced quirks to improve the sleeping pods, some of which include internet access, charging slots for portable machines like cell phones, laptops, tablets etc, in addition to a protected luggage storage compartment. The clients could use GoSleep for 12.25$ per hour and payment can be made via. credit card.

According to Mohammed Al Bulooki, Chief Commercial Officer of ADAC, Abu Dhabi Airports Company continually strives to provide the passengers travelling to, from or via Abu Dhabi International Airport with a phenomenal experience and that the introduction of ‘GoSleep’ sleeping pods is another step towards enhancing customers’ expectations and delivering top-notch levels of service. He further stated that Abu Dhabi Airports Company is proud to be the first airport in the world to have been able to secure an agreement regarding the installation of these sleeping pods that are a marvel of technological advancement.

Al Bulooki, in addition, said that ADAC was awarded with Skytrax 4 rating, which labeled the company as the first in the Middle East with such an achievement. Another such event that Mohammed al Bulooki proudly mentioned is that the Airport Council International gave Abu Dhabi International Airport the title of ‘the Best Airport in the Middle East’ because of the installation of the latest technological facilities like GoSleep.