10 Genius Inventions For Kids That Will Make Life Easier For Parents

Kids are tiny balls of love, only until they start crying in the middle of the night, start screaming, poop their diapers, break things, and well, basically everything except smiling and talking. In this tech world, it is just a tiny bit easier to take care of your kids than it was before, and we have picked some of the most ingenious of gadgets that will let you breathe in peace for a bit longer.

1. Baby food dispenser

Yes, no food spills all over you and the rest of the world.

2. This bed

3. Bike that doubles as a stroller

4. Snuggly carrier hoodie

5. The most compact stroller

6. Spill-free bowl

7. A crib that you can attach to your bed

8. Chair And A Cradle, two in one

9. Baby bath pillow to make it easier to bathe your baby

10. Booster Seats

Doubles as a booster seat and a lunch box,

Images: Rest Nova

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