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Boogio Is A Smart Shoe Attachment That Tells You About Your Fitness


What’s the next big thing that has really started making a name for it? The answer is, no doubt, wearable technology. Over the course of years as advances in technology and science have been made, wearable technology has also improved a lot and we are witnessing a new dawn of wearable technology that is designed for comfort and ease of use. So, the latest addition to this family is the Boogio coming from the Reflex Labs that is capable of tracking movement and force applied on the user’s feet.

The Boogio is basically made up of two components and both of the components get attached with the shoes. The basic task of this gadget is to register any force that has been administered onto the feet and the information is then transferred to the smartphone. As per the claims of the company, the part that goes into the shoe is as thin as a wafer and therefore, the user feels nothing as far as comfort of shoe goes. The Bluetooth module is attached onto the side of the shoe and this component is responsible for transmitting the data.

As per the Reflex Labs, the Boogio will be capable of offering about 60,000 layers of pressure sensitivity and this implies that the Boogio shall be able to register even the minimal movements in real time. The applications of Boogio are many. The gadget has the fitness application, of course, but that’s not all. It can be paired up with Oculus Rift and will be able to detect movements of the user in 3D space and this can be imparted to the virtual world as well. The gadget will also have medical application when a patient is recovering from an injury. The gadget could also be employed when it comes to monitoring athlete’s performance. The team says that it can be used to control slideshows as well.

The beta version is available at $189 for pre-order. However, do keep it in mind that it is not the final product ($2,000), but still is quite close to it. For $189, you’ll be able to get your hands on clips, two inserts, chargers (two) and the shipping is free. The team is hopeful to ship the Boogio before 2014 ends.

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