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Blue Quench’s Qooler Can Chill Your Drinks In Only 60 Seconds

Blue Quench Qooler is the only cooler you will ever need if you aim is to bring the chill to the party! It is about to make its debut on Indiegogo and is basically a super quick beer cooler that can chill your beer faster than any other cooler or technique out there – except maybe a cryogenics lab or Killer Frost.

The Qooler by Blue Quench is able to chill your beer within a minute because of its hidden weapon; rotation. It spins cans and bottles at a speed of 500 rpm while making use of the ice water for exposing the cans and bottles to coldness at a rate that exceeds any other rate that they can achieve while being still. The heat is removed quickly, and as per Blue Quench, the spinning motion is so smooth that your drinks won’t get churned up and there will be no frothing effect when you open them!

You will, however, need bags of ice. The Blue Quench’s Qooler is only functional when you place it in an ice chest, tub, or sink filled with ice and water. The gadget works equally great with bottles and cans because of the flip-up stabilizer bars. The Qooler features a rechargeable battery thus rendering its use outside the home possible as well. The initial unit can cool a six-pack at a time or three beers and a bottle of bubbly.

It will be launching on Indiegogo on 1st May with a price tag of $349 which will go up to $479 once it transforms into an actual product. It is the first product by the company Blue Quench. Let’s see if it makes it to the intended goal and is able to go into production. Meanwhile, check out the following video to see it in action!