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Xoo Dress Belt Comes With A Built-In Battery That Can Charge Your Phone On The Go

The Multi-Purpose Xoo Belt4

The British company that successfully crowdfunded the MiniDrive, Nifty, is back with its new product, The Xoo Belt. It is a belt that hides flexible batteries that can charge your smartphone on the go while holding your pants up at the same time.

What looks like an ordinary belt hides within itself a 2,100mAh of battery capacity. Packed in between the leather is a 1,300mAh lithium ceramic polymer flexible battery. Another 800mAh battery resides in the buckle, both combining for a capacity of 2,100mAh that is enough to charge most of the new smartphones, except phablets like iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

The phone is attached to the Xoo belt using a MicroUSB cable settled between the belt and the body. This cable is attached to the belt using magnets when idle. When the user needs to use it, they simply pull it away from the belt and plug their phone to it. Phones can be charged on the go and they can sit happily inside your pocket too.

The charging time for the Xoo Belt is three hours (either via main supply or a computer) and it takes three hours to charge a smartphone completely from zero battery. A set of five LED lights on the buckle informs the user how much of the belt charge remains. The buckle is detachable from the belt and can be updated with future upgrades for style and fashion.

The Xoo Belt supports Android, iOS and Windows Phone Devices. If the funding goal of US $50,000 is achieved, Xoo Belt can be secured for a pledge of US$155 and shipping will start by July 2015.

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