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This Solid Steel Multi-Tool Has More Than 18 Functions

[Image Source: Toolman]

The first thing every person asks from an engineer is if he/she can fix their stuff. They don’t care if you are a civil/mechanical/electrical engineer, you have to fix that burnt toaster to demonstrate your engineering skills. While this can be nerve wrecking at times, having the right tools to “prove your mettle” can alleviate the situation just a little. As we all know, carrying a tool box 24/7 is quite cumbersome, so here comes “The Claw”. The Claw is crafted from a solid chunk of 440c stainless steel, and is a multi-tool that is able to pack 18 different tools in one solid device. Although there are many multi-tools available in the market, they are nowhere as strong and practical as this one.

Check out ‘The Claw’ in action in this video below:

This device stands out in being functional while removing many of the fatigue issues of a multi-tool. Many cool features include the hex ratchet section that allows operation of the tool like a ratchet, without the conventional ratchet wrench mechanism.

Stepped faces on the hex ratchet allow you to use the same tool for nearly every size. As the tool is entirely made of solid steel, there is no such problem of wearing out of the joints! Other cool tools include filer, bottle opener, scraper, pry bar, wire stripper, ruler, and semi-sharp blade.

Image Source: Toolman

The Claw is about to launch on Indiegogo, where it is currently priced at US$35. The company claims that it has been made according to the ISO9001:2008 standards.

A handy partner indeed!


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