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BitBite Food Tracker Monitors Your Eating Habits By Recording Chewing Sounds

Why aren’t we all on the same level of fitness and slim at waist? It is mostly because we lack discipline and are therefore, unfamiliar with a number of gadgets that help users realize that they need to count calories or at least keep a track of how much and what they are eating. The BitBite comes as the latest installment to such gadgets and uses a ear-clip to keep a tab on every nibble that the user makes.

BitBite is made of aluminum and plastic and is worn just like an earphone. Through built-in sensors and microphone, it identifies sounds as you eat food and the initial recordings are forwarded to BitBite Cloud and smartphone app via Bluetooth. After applying certain algorithms to analyze the data, the information pertaining to user’s eating habits is displayed on the user’s phone.

The device can track how fast a user chews or how often they eat. The developing team has referred to a number of studies that concluded that chewing slow and well results in smaller waists. BitBite has voice recognition incorporated into it and tells the user about the food being eaten through a daily food log.

BitBite provides real-time feedback on user’s eating habits, for instance, it will point out when you’re chewing too fast or it may very well ask you to chew more before you swallow the food. The app presents a number of reports related to nutrition; chewing quality; carb, protein, calorie and fat intake.

Once completely charged (takes about 3 hours), the gadget is good to go for 3 days. It weighs less than 85 grams and has a clip for storage when not in use. The company is raising funds on Indiegogo and you can warrant one for yourself with a pledge of $109 that will be shipped in June 2015.