A Prototype Capable of Counting Calories by Making Use of Microwaves

Calorie Counting Microwave

The obesity rates are rising at an alarming rate and while there are a lot of reasons for this, we would blame technology since now we hardly move to complete any task. It all happens by the push of a button or a gentle swipe on the screen of your touch-interactive gadget. So the activity rate and frequency has decreased while the food intake remains the same. This is where we have to define a few things; either we control our diet or increase the activity level. But how do you control diet? We all know the basic rule; eat fewer calories than the amount you burn. This is where a new microwave designed by a US company comes in; this gadget is capable of calculating the number of calories present in a meal that is placed inside it, allowing you to vary the portion size accordingly.Calorie Counting Microwave 3

The gadget is a prototype and comes from the General Electric Global Research. It employs microwaves that are able to travel through the food to measure the amount of fat and water contained within it and subsequently, the calorie count of the meal. The company believes that this is an easier way to keep a check on our calorie intake. The gadget was developed in a lab located at Niskayuna, New York and is still unnamed. The gadget is able to accurately calculate the calorie count (within 5-10%) without analysing the components separately and all this is done with a single push of the button.
Calorie Counting Microwave 2

How is it done? The gadget is capable of emitting microwaves and then detects the specific signatures related to water and fat. The gadget’s creator, Matt Webster, says; ‘You can do this because water and fat interact with microwaves very differently.’ The team came up with an equation after spending 3 years on the project that is capable of, in words of Webster; ‘The equation takes the fat, water content numbers and assumes values for the rest.’Calorie Counting Microwave

The team is hopeful that they will be able to convert this prototype into a consumer ready product which will be dome-shaped and capable of fitting over a plate without making a mess out of things. However, no time frame has been given on the release of this new gadget. Fingers crossed!


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