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This New Razor Uses A Laser To Shave Your Hair

Shaving is a constant struggle folks. The feeling of fresh shave is something that cannot be attained by any other activity, however, it is part of the package that includes dryness, razor burn and nicks. This is where the Swedish duo comes in with a technology packed razor that is capable of shaving your hair by making use of an actual laser.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) was invented in 1989 by Morgan Gustavsson and is still considered as a popular method for hair removal treatment. However, Morgan always wanted to create a laser that could be introduced to the shaving market. The problem with this idea was that the wavelengths of light that had been discovered so far were able to cut through dark hair, however, tackling light (or gray) hair was quite a challenge.

Recently though, he along with his partner, Paul Binun, claim to have discovered a chromophore (part of a hair molecule) that is shared by all humans and can be made to cut easily using a particular wavelength of light. The pair made use of this discovery by creating Skarp – a commercial razor that allows for a futuristic shaving experience. You need only wave the Skarp razor and the hairs would just simply fall away. Skarp is raising funds on Kickstarter as of now and has already raised more than $650,000 with about 20 days still to go before the campaign ends.

It can be used on any body part and is unisex. To get Skarp razor by March 2016, you’ll have to pledge $159.