Bill Gates And The EU Have Signed A $1 Billion Partnership To Boost Clean Technologies

Europe joins hands with Bill Gates to become the first climate-neutral continent, a goal set to be achieved by 2050. A sum of $1 billion would be spent to boost clean technologies by developing renewable energy sources for sustaining the environment towards a better future.

The new Breakthrough Energy Catalyst program would invest in developing clean technologies that would help Europe achieve its environmental goals in time. The focused investment for developing commercial-scale clean technologies would aid for a multitude of purposes, all of which combined come down to hit the zero-net emissions goals.

The investment would be focused on projects that will be the continent’s future source of clean energy, alongside, clean technologies for filtering the environment would be built to remove the greenhouse emissions to reach the desired environmental goals. It simply couldn’t be achieved just through natural means like planting more trees, technology would have to play its role to cut down the harms caused by technology.

As Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission said “With our European Green Deal, Europe wants to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. And Europe has also the great opportunity to become the continent of climate innovation.”

“For this, the European Commission will mobilize massive investments in new and transforming industries over the next decade. This is why I’m glad to join forces with Breakthrough Energy. Our partnership will support EU businesses and innovators to reap the benefits of emission-reducing technologies and create the jobs of tomorrow,” she continued

With this partnership that is yet to be signed, Europe seems to be on the go to win the race to zero-net emissions, and Bill Gates seems to be planning to spend his extra dollars just for the right cause. The Breakthrough Energy Catalyst Program will start making an impact in 2022 and will progress to build clean technologies till 2026.

It includes the signing of $1 Billion in spendings on reducing the impacts of fossil fuel, coal, and other non-renewable energy sources which have been deteriorating our environment for decades now. Another con is that these sources of energy are limited and bring along carbon footprint and dangerous co2 emissions, all posing serious risks to all species on the planet.

The investments would primarily focus on four sectors including hydrogen, sustainable aviation fuels, direct air capture, and long-duration energy storage to let Europe meet its ambitions of the European Green Deal. With this, blessings to Bill Gates and best of lucks to Europe in their run towards achieving a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

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