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Biki Is A Bionic Fish That Captures Crisp Photos And 4K Video Underwater


The Instagram snap battle is going berserk, so it’s only shrewd thinking if an entrepreneur wants to jump on the bandwagon and make big bucks!

In swims Biki, which is a new drone/bionic fish that swims underwater and allows you to take the most astonishing, Instagram-worthy photos and video footage. The Chinese bionic fish is available to pre-order for £420 ($549) on Kickstarter, and already has exceeded its £20,000 goal with the makers offering a discounted price for the fish camera.


The bionic robot is capable of keeping its balance in rough water conditions and can maneuver its way to avoid obstacles. The adorable swimming drone flaps its lifelike bionic fins to move through water and sends real-time footage to phones or social media.

The robot also has a built-in GPS module which helps it automatically return to the base in case it loses connection with the controller. Biki can swim at 1mph and also has embedded lights to explore dark and hidden areas along with a 150-degree wide-angle lens to capture those perfect clicks!


The robot has a battery that can operate for up to two hours before needing a recharge and can drop at depths of nearly 200 feet.

You better hurry up as the current price will be hiked to an eye-watering £788 ($1,024) once the campaign is over and the robot is put on general sale in August.

Watch Biki in action in the video below: