These Underwater Drones Made By China Look Just Like Real Fish


With the struggle and competition to claim rights over already depleting resources, countries are working tirelessly on their military sectors to be prepared for any kind of clashes or conflicts. Governments are allocating a generous number of budgets for their defense systems to be robust and impenetrable. One of these countries is China that is always working on strengthening its army and bringing novel innovative weaponry to assert dominance over the potential rivals.

Recently, China has disclosed that the country has developed a new underwater drone. Before discussing the functionality of the drone, it is important to notice the visuals of this drone. The drone is an exact emulation of the Arowana fish. At first glance, it is not possible to recognize that it is not a real one and in fact, is a robot.

This weapon was exhibited on June 5 at the Beijing Military Expo. The fish was placed in a large clear tank and people thought it is a regular Arowana fish because it would swim in the water and hold the head up when there were barriers and continued to swim again. The fish was created by the Boya Gongdao company and both the loos and movement of the drone are exact replicas of the real one.

It has various features which involve highly efficient sensors and receptors. Moreover, it has a global vision control technology and a battery of around 6-8 hours. The fish is a perfect fit for keeping an eye on the movement of foreign bodies in the water and can be conveniently used for surveillance. This creation has opened new pathways for launching spies and surveillance devices underwater to keep an eye on the developments of the rival party. There will be more interesting innovations like this soon. In fact, the German robot swift was also one of these kinds.


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