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Bicycle Wheels Have Been Reinvented With This Airless Design

Energy return wheel

Flat tires are soon going to be a thing of the past with BriTek’s new Energy Return Wheel. Instead of regularising the tire pressure with air, the new wheel has a carbon fiber interior with a stretchable rubber on either side that adjusts the firmness as we go.

The tire made initial tests on a car. The airless tire has two layers of rubber and in between the two is a series of elastic cushions. This cushioning effect allows the tire to respond better when compressed and quickly come back to original shape when relaxed. In case of air, the energy is lost in air compression, but, in this case, the energy is stored and released back in the form of momentum. This fabulous design will help increase bike power efficiency.

The wheel is still at an experimental stage as the dirt, and other foreign particles tend to get stuck in the inside scaffolding. The company is considering adding sidewalls to keep them out. We, the bike enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the Energy Return Wheel to be introduced!

See the video of its working prototype here:

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