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Fix Your Car Bumper Dents With This Simple DIY Hack At Home


Step 1All of us who own cars are familiar with the infuriating situation where your car receives a dent and that too when it was parked safely at a place. The other situation is when someone hits your car on the road. Anyway, the point being that sometimes the dent itself is not that big or damaging but looks bad and you need to get it fixed; what’s the problem? You can’t go to the mechanic for every dent your car receives due to the time and money it costs and to wait for a few dents to pile up means driving around in a dented car. However, thanks to internet we now have a number of solutions available that a person can employ at home. DIY approach sure is useful. At Imgur, Sxpnthr has put up a guide regarding how the dents can be fixed by making use of boiling water.

In simple words; you’ll need a teapot of boiling water, a teapot of cold water and rubber gloves.

Step 1

First of all, put your gloves on (you don’t want to burn your hands) and pour the boiling water on the dent. Since it is plastic, heating it allows it to become more flexible.

Step 2

The flexible plastic can now be pushed into the original position and for that you need to reach from the inside and pop the dent out.

Step 3

Popping out of dent is followed by pouring of cold water when it is in its original shape. The cold water will cool it down and that’s that. The cold water will shrink the plastic and harden the shape that it is in.

Step 4

All that is left is taking care of the color.

You’ve just saved your wallet and achieved the objective as well.

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