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French Guy Finds 60 Vintage Cars In Family Farmhouse After 50 Years of Neglect. What A Luck!

vintage cars found at french farmhouse2

How many people can actually say that they have found a priceless treasure in the family farm’s backyard? Very few I must say since farms are hardly a place to store expensive objects. But, treasure isn’t always a chest full of gold coins and jewels. Sometimes, lady luck brings you a different kind of treasure that is valued even more than all the gold and silver you can dream of. A French guy Roger Baillon recently hit a jackpot when he discovered extremely rare vintage cars in his farmhouse that had been stashed away by his grandfather for some bizarre reason.

Some of these cars are so rare they cost an entire fortune if we ever try to buy them from the open market. They include a Talbot-Lago owned by the famous Egyptian king Farouk and a Ferrari that was possibly used in filming of a movie starring Jane Fonda. But, since they are rusted and damaged over the years, they will fetch around 12 million dollars for a delighted Roger Baillon.

“This sort of thing doesn’t happen often enough! I think, above all, you go into this profession for discoveries like this. Yes, this really is a treasure,” said Artcurial Motorcars manager Matthieu Lamoure and he would probably be delighted to buy some of them on an auction Mr. Baillon is planning to hold.

Just look at the collection of these amazing cars. Certainly one of the strangest treasures ever found!

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