These Are The Best Face Masks for Coronavirus

10 Best Disposable Masks for Coronavirus

Note: When buying anything online, please exercise good judgment especially in case of buying anything for protection against coronavirus or COVID-19. Please refer to the CDC website for accurate information.  

There are increasing fears on the rapid rate at which the coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) seems to be spreading. Consequently, health precautionary and safety measures cannot just be overemphasized. Now, one of the best things to do to avoid getting infected by the virus is to get yourself a face mask that really works. Note that the coronavirus- just like many other virus particles, is as tiny as you can imagine. Hence, it is important to know what face masks are good enough to effectively block them out. Below is a list of some of the best face masks for coronavirus in 2020:

New Wardrobe™ KN95 PM 2.5 Face Mask

Best Face Masks for Coronavirus

The structure and design of the New Wardrobe KN95 face mask, make it one of the best you can find. You’ll particularly love the mesh material used, as it allows you to breathe conveniently, and without risk of exposure. In order to guarantee its effectiveness, the mask makes use of up to five different filter layers. This ensures that the air taken in is properly sieved for biological particles like the coronavirus, and dust.

If you want that face mask that doesn’t need to be changed every now and then, then this is one of the products that match your requirements. This face mask is the washable type though, and you can also replace its filters.

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Universal No. 4521 Reusable Face Masks

Best Face Masks for Coronavirus

This is another durable and portable face mask that fits into this list. The mask is made of cotton and can be used by both adults and children. Its mesh type is well designed to filter out airborne pathogens, thus making it one of your best options for preventing person to person spread of the coronavirus.

Now, although some other face masks may take priority recommendation, this mask does just fine for your regular outings. It is relatively inexpensive, and it stays comfortably on your face for hours.

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ProCIV Multipurpose Face Mask with Exhalation Valve

Although the ProCIV multipurpose face mask was not originally designed for protecting users from COVID-19, it is still a reliable product to buy. One of the things you’ll love about this mask is that it stays more tightly to the user’s face. Hence, it covers both of your nose and mouth areas more properly, especially than some face masks would.

This product comes with different filter layers that perform different specific functions. It has a relatively bigger caliber filter that efficiently dehumidifies, and allows good air passage within the mask.

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Xuanly N99 Breathing Face Mask

Best Face Masks for Coronavirus

This is another rugged-looking face mask that can significantly prevent you from inhaling or spreading droplets that contain the coronavirus. Since the face mask has an N99 rating, it means it was specifically built for health safety purposes like this. It has a beautiful and durable design, and you should feel comfortable in it.

Both of the nylon mesh and the discharge valves facilitate lesser air resistance in the mask, while importantly still ensuring proper air filtration. It has adjustable nose clips which makes it more convenient for use- if you use eyeglasses.

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Chuanyunshoudanzi Anti-Dust Respirator Face Mask

If you want a little more colorful face mask that is equally up to the task, then this face mask may be the one for you. It is made of highly durable polyester material, with a beautiful pattern design like no other. The straps are adjustable to fit the user more tightly so that there are no unnecessarily exposed areas of your nose and mouth.

Note that this face mask can be used by all categories of people. It is also one of the reusable protective face masks for coronavirus on our list. All you need do is wash it in proper alcohol-based disinfectant, and allow it to dry before using it again.

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G Disposable Face Mask with Charcoal and Carbon Filter

Best Face Masks for Coronavirus

These are one of the simplest face masks that are yet effective for coronavirus. They come with activated charcoal and carbon filters, which makes them able to effectively filter the air that eventually gets to your nose and mouth.

They are lightweight and comfortable, so you can conveniently leave them on for hours. Note that the nose piece area of the mask is flexible, to allow users to fit it more tightly to match the shape and size of their faces. Since they are disposable, it is important you change to a new one after a few hours is past.

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The Strylin PM 2.5 Adjustable Face Mask

Best Face Masks for Coronavirus

The Strylin adjustable face mask comes with an anti-dust, anti-bacterial layer that would keep the coronavirus out. It is made of a soft and comfy material, and it is particularly designed to suit people with skin sensitivity and allergy. It is one of those face masks that are made to provide less air resistance, without compromising on filtration.

Importantly, this face mask has an efficient filtration process, carried out by good filter materials. It has a great design, that you’ll surely love. Due to its size and other specs, this face mask is most suitable for adults only. 

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Clarelife Multipurpose Face Mask

Best Face Masks for Coronavirus

This face mask combines good material quality with its ability to prevent airborne transmission of COVID-19. It comes with PM 2.5 filters, and features that make its protective abilities thorough. Even if you have to move or work in a place with high airborne transmission probability, this face mask may be all you need to stay safe.

It has a highly effective breathing valve that keeps out the moisture, while still allowing sufficient airflow into the mask. Note that it is reusable after wash, while its filter strips can also be replaced.

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Caivov N95 Disposable Safety Face Mask

This is currently one of the highest in demands face masks for COVID-19. Firstly, the mask has a N95 rating that makes it suitable for biological particles like bacteria and viruses. Asides that, it comes with a six-layer filter protection structure that can remove very minute particles.

Other important characteristics that makes the mask user-friendly, includes its support for most skin types, and its relative ease of use. It also has a framework that dissipates the heat and moisture from inside the mask, to allow room for fresh filtered air.

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Spring Seaon Reusable Face Mask

Best Face Masks for Coronavirus

If you’re one of those people who don’t fancy wearing those huge and heavy face masks, then you probably have a perfect option here. The Spring Season face mask has continued to sell more in the past weeks, because it provides a significant shield against the coronavirus.

It is an N95 rated face mask, with replaceable PM 2.5 filters and a five-layer filter protection structure. It is made in such a way that it covers the nose down to the chin area of the user. All of this provides an optimum guard against the dreaded virus. Another reason to love this product is its beautiful colors and lightweight.

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In the coming weeks, more manufacturers are likely to come up with other face mask solutions that are more specifically designed for the virus. Before this, however, people would have to continue using the products that are available at this time, while also adopting other safety measures against the virus.


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