10 Best Hand Sanitizers 2020

10 Best Hand Sanitizers for Coronavirus

Note: When buying anything online, please exercise good judgment especially in case of buying anything for protection against coronavirus also known as COVID-19. Please refer to the CDC website for accurate information.  

We hear it every time you turn the news channel on, wash your hands, and keep them away from your face. As much as we would love to follow this advice, we don’t always have access to washing our hands every minute of the day. However, with deadly viruses and bacterias in full swing, keeping your hand free from pathogens is not an option but a must. Hand sanitizers have been helping parents, kids, and the public to stay safe, but which are the best. Remember, a great hand sanitizer should also moisturize your hands, nobody likes dry hands. These are the best hand sanitizers to keep you healthy and safe.

Clean Shape Foaming Hand Sanitizer

10 Best Hand Sanitizers for Coronavirus

This no-alcohol foaming hand sanitizer works well in areas where water and soap are far from you. It uses a based component of 0.13 percent Benzalkonium chloride, a potent chemical that will instantly kill 99.9 percent of all known germs within 15 seconds of application. It also contains natural extract from aloe Vera that also sanitizes but combines with vitamin E to moisturize and prevent the skin from drying out. It is an excellent choice for schools, parks, gyms, and offices.

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American Flag Hand Sanitizer Travel bottle

10 Best Hand Sanitizers for Coronavirus

With airlines been the main carrier of the viruses, it has become paramount to ensure your safety on an airplane. This all American hand sanitizer is a portable bottle with the flag symbolizing to make the country great again as we fight the germs. This airline approved hand sanitizer comes with a carabiner clip and potent ingredient Ethyl alcohol, aloe Vera gel and Vitamin E to eliminate 99.9 percent of germs, keep your hands soft and moisturize while you show off the true American spirit. It is a portable, handy sanitizer that will keep you safe on and off the ground.

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STQANON Hand Sanitizer

10 Best Hand Sanitizers for Coronavirus

Get 24 hours protection for yourself and family against all known pathogens, including the germs with this hand sanitizer? This alcohol-free solution will stay potent all day, protecting you from pathogens around your home and environment. 

Free from all chemical and artificial addictive, the potent component is silver iron with other natural moisturizing extracts that are proven to kill 99.9 percent germs, reduce contamination risk by 24 percent keeping you healthier and safe. 

To safeguard yourself against viruses, bacterias, and others, it is AVAILABLE HERE.

CleanWell Botanical Foaming All-Natural Hand Sanitizer

10 Best Hand Sanitizers for Coronavirus

If you have sensitive skin or need an all-natural sanitizer, this botanical foaming bottle is alcohol-free, plant-based, non-toxic, and safe on kids with antibacterial to protect your hands from airborne pathogens. Its all-natural formulation kills 99.9 percent of commonly associated pathogens and great for babies, pets, and expectant moms, apply to the hand, and don’t rinse off.

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Bac-Pac Buddies Scented Hand Sanitizer Gel on-the-Go

10 Best Hand Sanitizers for Coronavirus

Fun emoji face scented sanitizer to keep your kids safe and protected against the bacterias and other harmful pathogens that your children may come in contact with as they go about their daily activities. This pack of three is portable, lightweight, and refillable that easily attaches to their backpacks, this sanitizer is of alcohol-based, but gentle kid’s skin and will eliminate 99 percent of common germs.

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Purell Advanced Refreshing Hand Sanitizer Gel

10 Best Hand Sanitizers for Coronavirus

If you are on the lookout for a potent but gentle hand sanitizer for your family, Purell is the name to choose from. This product used ethyl alcohol with essential oils to produce this sweet-smelling hand sanitizer that kills and protects your hands against pathogens that can be harmful to you and your family. The only negative is it lacks moisturizer hence hand feels dry after application.

Don’t worry about dry hands; stay safe with Purell AVAILABLE HERE.

Dettol Instant Liquid Anti-Bacterial hand Sanitizer

10 Best Hand Sanitizers for Coronavirus

If it is not Dettol, it can’t be Dettol. This instant soothing hand sanitizer contains a powerful compound that has been dermatologically tested to proffer solutions to the most known pathogens in the environment. It works without water and kills 99.99 percent of germs. With chamomile fragrance, this non-stick formula is protection when and where you need it.

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Germ-X Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer

10 Best Hand Sanitizers for Coronavirus

The addition of aloe Vera and vitamin E made this product endearing to users. Although it is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, its pleasant scent, moisturizing capability, and 99.99 percent kill rate makes it a valuable addition to your family bathroom. It does not require water, apply, rub until dry, and stay protected.

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Assured Hand Sanitizer

10 Best Hand Sanitizers for Coronavirus

A soothing lavender scent, Aloe Vera, and vitamin E for moisturizing and protecting your skin, this powerful sanitizer kills 99.9 percent of common pathogens in the environment. It is an alcohol-based product with propylene glycol, glycerin, and other potent components combined to produce it. It is flammable and doesn’t require water to apply it.

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Spartan Lite ‘n’ Foamy lemon Blossom hand Sanitizer

10 Best Hand Sanitizers for Coronavirus

Besides killing 99.9 percent of harmful pathogens, this hand sanitizer has PH 4.5 – 6.5 that will eliminate everyday germs, especially among kids. It is also alcohol-free and triclosan-free with a foamy action to ensure your hands are clean without the need for water. It dries up quickly, leaving a lemony scent with no sticky residue left behind after use.

Stay safe and keep germs away, Spartan is AVAILABLE HERE.

Various contagious viruses are known to affect the upper respiratory tract infectious disease that can affect anyone. The following hand sanitizers are some of the best on the market with a proven claim of eliminating 99.9 percent of common pathogens that can also incite illness in us.

Whether you like all-natural or chemical-based hand sanitizers, the 10 listed here should do the job perfectly without any residue or sticky feel.

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  1. Ken Satchell Reply

    What is the story on some of these being alcohol free and yet, other sites say that only alcohol 60% or higher can kill COVID-19. I very much would like to know, also which have the anti-viral agents that can make the virus stronger when it doesn’t kill them all. So which are homeopathic or organic in nature?

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