Benefits of Adjustable Standing Desk for Health


Most of the working time employees spend in the office at their workplace. That is the main reason to make it convenient as much as possible. Progressive Automations offers its clients brand new development – Standing Desk, which allows regulating the height of the tabletop surface with the help of built-in electric linear actuators. This technology was created in order to prevent numerous office workers from health deterioration possible due to the mal-effects caused by office work. Standing desk technology is a new generation of furniture with functions of adjustable height. A working place complemented with the standing desk allows the customer to choose by himself whether he wants sitting or standing during the working day.

            Visiting the Progressive Automations online constructor here: customers can combine and choose their own unique standing desk suitable for their interior and their purposes for implementation.

Thanks to medical reports people now know that long sitting during working days negatively affects a person’s health and psychological wellbeing in general. Physiotherapists recommend changing the body position periodically during the working day. Such a change reduces accumulated fatigue and helps to relieve the back and maintain health in the future. Among the negative effects of long-time sitting are increased pressure on the internal organs, indifferent mood,  slowed down brain activity. People who spend most of their time sitting near the computer are more likely to get sick and more prone to stress.

Standing Desk’s Adjustable Design

The standing desk with a lifting mechanism allows quick position change, which makes it one of the most functional and comfortable office furniture units. In cases of the employee’s dismissal or if the new employee has special medical prescriptions regarding the workplace, such a standing desk can be adapted to the individual characteristics of the person. It can be used by several workers at once, this is especially convenient if office workers work in shifts.

Standing desks are able to solve numerous problems. Here is something this technology is capable of:

  • increase the concentration of the employee during the working process;
  • Increase employee productivity;
  • Decrease the chest, back, and neck pain by few times;
  • Decrease the danger of heart diseases appearance;
  • Prevents problems with poor blood circulation and cardiovascular system in total;
  • Increases metabolism, which is essential for people trying to lose extra weight.

Changing position during the day increases productivity, performance, accelerates bloodstream, which relieves muscles from stagnation, at the same time it reduces fatigue, reduces blood pressure and relieves back and neck pain. The introduction of standing desks for offices contributes to the employees’ productivity. In just a few seconds, they can change their working position not even clearing the tabletop of office equipment. Thanks to this, the working tempo is never influenced by the worker’s desire to change his tabletop’s height.

The standing desk’s height can be adjusted using the remote control panel conveniently attached to the tabletop. The table can have 2 control panels with a display and three memory positions.

Standing Desk Advantages

  • Adjustable height allowing to use the same standing desk by different people conveniently within office conditions;
  • The creative design allowing to avoid the lifting construction from possible breakdowns and malfunctions;
  • Smoothness, high load capacity;
  • The high-quality colored tabletop surface at the same time abrasion resistant;
  • Stylish modern appearance allowing customers to fit this piece of furniture into any interior both home and office;
  • Healthy-friendly construction allows avoiding mal-effects of office workloads giving employees the opportunity to work both standing and sitting.

The benefits of standing desk for convenient working activity are undoubted. That is why the Progressive Automations manufacturer makes everything possible to improve this technology and make the office work as much of perfection as it only was ever dreamt of.


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