Watch This Backyard Engineer Make A Big Remote Controlled Car From Junk

Will Foster is an innovative backyard engineer and he has impressed us with his project. He somehow salvaged a very beaten up VT Commodore from a scrap pile and managed to convert it into life-sized remote control car. He used his engineering skills and ordered a few parts from eBay for his project and was able to make his adult-sized toy.

(Source: Popular Mechanics)

The car works by using a remote setup that Foster made himself. The remote control connects to twin Arduino computers glued to the car’s middle console. Stepper motors come into play from there and drive two homemade gadgets to work the accelerator and the brake. The steering is worked by a chain and sprocket system. Foster can control the vehicle over a short range or he can sit in the backseat and be a literal backseat driver.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure indeed. You can check out his project in the video below:

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