Australian Man Arrested For Using A Frying Pan As A DIY Steering Wheel

frying pan steering

Southern Australia’s streets took a rather manic turn when a man was caught driving a car using a metal frying pan in place of a steering wheel.

On the eve of September 4th, there were reports of a suspiciously parked red Mazda sedan and a man loitering in the street without any apparent purpose.

When the police approached the person and decided to further investigate, the man tried to cut and run down the street, only to be stopped by heading into a car park next to a unit block.

After nabbing him, police were astonished to discover that his car’s steering wheel had been replaced by a frying pan along with a self-engineered front license plate.

The car was also found unregistered and uninsured as it had been declared unfit and defected quite a while ago, but the driver kept driving the car after removing the defect label.

In an official statement, Adelaide Police said, “The 32-year-old from Adelaide was charged with driving unregistered, uninsured, drive contrary to defect, remove defect label, alter number plate and breach of bail. He has been bailed to appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on 11 October.”

The 32-year-old Adelaide man will appear in court with charges of driving unregistered, uninsured and contrary to a defect notice, removing the defect label, altering a numberplate and breach of bail and of course with the offence of driving a car using a frying pan as a steering wheel.

He was refused bail and will appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Monday. The car is currently impounded for 28 days. This is not the first case when a Southern Australian driver have found a “creative” but flawed solution to a missing steering wheel.

In 2013, a drug-affected Adelaide man was also caught driving a defected car using vice grips instead of a steering wheel.

Pic Credits: adelaidenow
Pic Credits: adelaidenow

We have seen Mr. Bean driving with a detachable steering, but this too is right up there in the race of whacky steerings!

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