Australia Wallpapers: The Land Of Desert And Rainforests In Wallpapers

Australia wallpaper 22

As the biggest country-island in the world, Australia’s landscape is so diverse from one territory to another. From a dry desert in the center part, mountain ranges in the southern and eastern part, and tropical rainforest in the northern part. This is the beauty of Australia in addition to the Great Barrier Reef. Across the northeastern part of Australia, lies the world’s largest coral that spans for over two thousand kilometers. The beauty and wonder of the Great Barrier Reef has been the most attractive site for divers and is the most chosen object for Australia wallpapers.

More than twenty-three million people are scattered all over Australia. However, most of them live in the western, eastern, and southern part of the island. Its native ethnicity is Aborigine. However, most of the people living in Australia are British and Irish due to its history of British revolution and immigration.

Australia’s currency is Australian Dollar, and its national language is English with a distinctive Australian accent. Besides Singapore, Australia has been one of the top education destinations for South East Asian students. University of Sydney, the oldest university in Australia, has been accepting hundreds of students from across the world, especially from the neighbor country such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

Sydney Opera House, a multi-venue performing arts center, can be found in many Australia wallpapers. It is one of the signature buildings of Australia and also found in many wallpapers. The views from outside and inside of this venue are both mesmerizing. Another mesmerizing view comes from the Three Sisters of the Blue Mountains. It is a three landmark sandstone peaks cliff-top platform. The name Three Sisters came from the Aboriginal folklore.

Australia is also known for its wildlife living in the desert and rainforest area. From Kangaroo, Crocodile, to Koala, they all live in various parts of Australia.



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