29 HD Sydney Wallpapers: The Roar Of Opera House In The Harbor

Sydney wallpaper 19

Sydney is the most populous city of the biggest country-island in the world, Australia. More than four millions of people live in Sydney. Most of them are British and Irish ethnic due to Australia’s history of British revolution and immigration.

Australia’s currency is Australian Dollar, and its national language is English with a distinctive Australian accent. So those are applied in Sydney. Besides Singapore, Australia has been one of the top education destinations for South East Asian students as well as other continent students. University of Sydney, the oldest university in Australia, has been accepting hundreds of students from across the world, especially from the neighboring countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

Found in many Sydney wallpapers, Sydney Opera House is one of the signature buildings of Australia. It is a famous multi-venue performing arts center for local, national, and international events. You can see the beauty of the Sydney Opera House from the Port Jackson or the Sydney Harbor Bridge. The views from there and also from the inside of this venue are both astonishing.

One place you should add to your Sydney wallpapers collection is Bondi Beach. It is surrounded by the suburban area of Sydney. Located on the southern coast of the island, Sydney offers the beauty of various beaches such as Shelly Beach, Manly Beach in the Bate Bay, a small beach Bronte, and a patrolled beach Cronulla.

Australia is famous for its wildlife. Take a look at the variety of National Parks in Sydney. Some of them are Lane Cove National Park, Manly Sea Life Sanctuary, Sydney Harbor National Park, and Featherdale Wildlife Park. Being a country of many islands, Australia has many fantastic islands to visit. You can find some of them in Sydney. They are Cockatoo Island, a UNESCO world heritage site; and Shark Island, named after its resembling shape.

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