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Audi’s New Luxury Sports Bike Costs As Much As An Average Car

2011 Audi Duo Road in Serrano Red

2011 Audi Duo Road in Serrano Red

This bike is not the first venture of Audi into bicycle business as they have entered the market earlier with a few wooden framed beauties. They made it in collaboration with Renovo. Now the German auto giant is back with a line of sports bikes in partnership with Lightweight, the manufacturer of elite carbon based bicycle wheels. The bikes are limited edition, and they cost as much a standard car would do (Standard, not Audi).

The partnership with Lightweight allowed them to study the cutting edge technologies used in both auto and bike design and benefit from their combined knowledge. The result is an incredible feat of engineering. It weighs a ridiculous 5.8 Kg due to an ultra-light rigid frame of 790 grams. It has carbon racing handlebars, forks, seat and bottle cage. The use of lightweight materials isn’t just confined to the body and handle. The wheels and even the handlebar’s tape are also optimized for as little weight as possible.

The gear system is a digital Dura Ace Di2. Brakes and pedals are also from Dura. An SLR Carbonio seat covered with an Audi R8 sports layer makes the seat extremely comfortable and streamlined for some heavy duty use. This will make the Audi driver feel at home even in a two wheeler!

The bike comes in 48-58 cm frames, and it is only available at the Audi Carmaker’s special Collection shop at an insane price tag of 19,450 USD. Audi plans to manufacture only fifty such bikes, so Audi lovers should hurry up if they want to get an exclusive piece from the company.

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