Audi Releases A Convertible Mini Runner For Kids

Convertible Audi Mini Runner

Convertible Audi Mini RunnerWhile automotive companies make cars and bikes pitched towards adults, every now and then they do come up with something that isn’t for adults only. Sure who wouldn’t want to ride in a fancy super-car or a heavy bike which looks pretty awesome? However, what about the kids? So yeah, today’s article is about what Audi has brought to the table for kids out there.

Convertible Audi Mini Runner 2Although some might argue that giving children this particular piece of machinery would be a mistake since this might ruin their driving habits or even present itself as a danger to other kids out there, but hey, kid scooters have been out there for a very long time and they are safe.

Being called Audi Mini Runner, this fantastic work of engineering will cost you $450 and is basically a combination of two vehicles (mini, ofcourse). Let’s take a look at it, shall we? So the first vehicle is actually a ride –a toy push bike for children of ages three and up. However, once the child has grown up you can very conveniently remove the seat and adjust the handlebars turning it into a Razor scooter with high end technology.

Convertible Audi Mini Runner 3Audi Mini Runner has been constructed using ‘hydroforming’ and comprises of a lightweight aluminum frame. With Audi logo on the front, this ride sure looks awesome. Would you buy one when this rolls out in your local market? Tell us what you have to say in comments!


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