Ford Has Finally Released These Snaps of Production Version of GT Supercar & It Looks Supercharged

Much was talked about the pre-production version of the 2017 Ford GT, and many came to the conclusion that the actual production model would be scaled down immensely both on materials and design to make it viable. Recently Ford has announced its plans to got into manufacturing and has released many images of the final model that will be rolled out in early 2017. The final car will have a composite body, turbocharged Ecoboost 600 horsepower V6 engine. Also included are height adjustable rear spoilers and a streamlined shape inspired by an aircraft fuselage itself.

The car will be a special one since it will be released on a landmark occasion of fifty years of Ford GT racing cars especially the original 1966 models that dominated the racing outlook 24 Hours of Le Mans. The 2017 model promised by the American company aims to revive the glory days of the GT, and it is a part of 12 new models of performance cars released. The 2017 GT will join the existing Ford inventory of GT350R and F-150 Raptor. The advanced lightweight structure has contributed towards a much better performance, handling ability, safety and efficiency as well. The legacy of the GT’s Classic Chassis has been revisited here with an adjustable pushrod suspension and racing grade torsion bar as well. The wheels are multi-spoked ones with Michelin Pilot Super Sports Tires.

The Doors swing upwards to open and the interior driver and passenger seats. Its steering wheel is a Formula one styled wheel with all the controls and driver-focused data on its screen. The engine is mid-mounted with 600-horsepower 3.5 L specimen with a seven-speed dual clutch rear wheel drive transmission system.

Only 250 of these beauties are expected to be manufactured by Ford every year, and they will cost $400,000 on the road. So, Ford has managed to keep the price down which is a good news for many. But, will it bring back the glory days of Ford? Only time will tell that!