Wonderful Engineering

At First It Looks Like Any Normal Container. What It Transforms Into Will Blow You Away

‘Great things come in Small packages’, a quote that we’ve always heard and now it’s being proven. This expandable caravan was designed by Eduard Bohtlingk in 1985. It’s called ‘The Markies’ (or ‘Marquis’ in English) – compact camper has a spacious bedroom for four, a living area, kitchen, and a patio…..Oh my God!! is all we can say and that’s just the beginning.

The Markies was recently an award winner at Urban Campsite, a festival in The Netherlands featuring art and architecture in a campsite setting. It’s an expandable caravan with folding collapsible walls. The accordion-like device can expand to create two new rooms, a living room with a clear panel so that you will feel at one with nature, and a bedroom, with an enclosed panel for privacy. The main interior also features a small kitchen with seating and electrical capabilities. When you are done with your trip, just fold up the sides and drive away. No fuss…..No muss.

When you see the sides come down on this caravan it will be apparent to you that this is no ordinary trailer.

Innovative, collapsible furniture allow this camper to expand into a snug, fashionable, home away from home. Vinyl awnings give the trailer a traditional look.

As the changes in the weather occur, the awnings can be raised or lowered.

Use the patio area to sleep under the stars on a clear night.

The caravan houses four beds that can be separated with removable dividers to allow for a little privacy.

The kitchenette comes complete with all the modern conveniences of today such as a cappuccino machine.

Every nook has been carefully designed to maximize the bus’ features and minimize space.

This gave birth to such amazing combos – sink/stovetop Combo
A pretty cool camper, isn’t it?