This Double Decker Motor-Home Gives You The Comfort Of An Apartment While Traveling

truck surf motor-home

The Truck Surf Hotel has arrived to make it possible for users to have an air-conditioned condo and an adventurous camper van in one package. You can drive an go wherever you want and can park it in front of a million dollar view to enjoy it while you rest. The double story motor-home has a lot of space and comfort as compared to a regular van. Which means that you can get a luxury getaway and road trip both with one van.

Eduardo Ribeiro and Daniela Carneiro are an adventurous couple who have traveled through Europe and Africa in a camper van. They have started sharing their adventure fun with others, not only online, but they also share their camper van by driving travelers around in their expanding motor-home. The basic idea is that some guests get up in the Truck Surf Hotel and travel around the coast and stop to explore cities on the way. The bunk room has a shared kitchen, bathroom and living area.

The Truck Surf Hotel looks like a camper van but it is much larger than any regular camper van. The motor-home stands on a Mercedes Actros chassis. The large box on the back is expandable and doubles in size at the camp. There were camper vans which could expand, but this van has a specialty. Unlike other camper vans, motor-home pops open into a two-story oceanfront motor-home, opening all the space. From the inside, the truck is divided into a living area and a sleeping area. Downstairs there is a living room with couch, a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom area, and a dining room. There is also internet available in the van.

The staircase leads to the guest room upstairs where visitors can book a bed in one of the four double bunk rooms. Visitors can also get an entire private couple’s suite with double bed. Each room has airconditioning and a private locker. The wooden walls, decor, and windows help to create a nice atmosphere which matches with the local scene. The Truck Surf Hotel took its voyage in 2017. The prices advertised are US$600 for a week’s stay in the single bedroom.

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