Are These The Worst Car Modifications Ever [60 Pictures]

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We all love our cars; whether good or bad. Most people will buy the best car they can afford and trust the designers of the car that they had done the best possible in design department. However, some like to personalize the car and make a statement of their own about how the car should have been designed. Unfortunately, sometimes in quest of making the perfect car, they go too far and fall into the category of worst car modification ever. Today we have collected some of these car modification fails. Lets us know your favourite “worst car modification”  in comments below.


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  1. Bill Reply

    You missed all the ugly cars that the owners think are beautiful .Almost all of these here are meant to be funny or weird or outrageous.

  2. Degoragon Reply

    This whole panel, with a few exceptions, made me laugh so hard, tears were coming from my eyes! the mustang with teeth especially! The lifted chevelle was pretty awesome though!

  3. Herbert Reply

    The black bath tub (license plate 11-11) is ridiculous, but not as much as the ugly yellow estate car below. Nice/funny is the Butagaz promotion car. Looks, as a small kitchen fits in it. 🙂

  4. DJS Reply

    The blue people carrier, Renault, I think it’s the third one down, Is off Top Gear.

    It was never meant to be a production nor a show car.

    So why show?

    Some of these cars are so cool. They should be honoured

  5. Dylan Reply

    You should refrain from EVER posting about cars again until you’ve got some sort of education.

    So many doubled up pictures, some were actually nice cars, some were factory built that way, some were purpose built, one was a bloody boat.

    Only a small handful of these actually fit to the heading on this page.

  6. kevin Reply

    Not all of the are bad, i actually liked #13 and #26 , if i had enough money, i would even buy them.

  7. Gingwe Reply

    a few of these I agree with. But several of these weren’t mods. Half of the mods were awesome. One of them was a boat. And u said that the freaking batmobile was bad. What the hell

    • Degoragon Reply

      Normally, a batmobile is awesome, but a batmobile from a stretched and chopped Chevy suburban? its too awkward to be a good Batmobile. the proportions are off.
      * IMO of course.

  8. Anthony817 Reply

    Saginaw Texas and Blue Mound! Wow, I live in Blue Mound. I never seen that ship before around here so they might have just been passing through Dallas/Fort Worth area.

  9. Al Scarbrough Reply

    I agree with some of the other comments here. Some of the vehicles shown do not belong in this article. The railroad truck is not a mod. It is a useful and very unique vehicle that comes from the factory just as it is shown in the pic. Whoever selected the photos for this needs to do some serious research and learn what are mods and what are not mods. Also, some of these mods are not ugly or bad at all. I know it is a matter of opinion, but some here just don’t belong. My favorite in this photo montage is the Chevelle that is hopped up on giant tires.

  10. idk Reply

    #34 is an unmodified Mazda Autozam AZ-1 and should therefore NOT be included in this list

  11. Mau Reply

    The little Japanese one is not a modification, it’s a Mazda AZ-1, that’s it’s factory shape.

  12. Mike Reply

    Most of those cars are pretty shit. But the truck on rails is a specific mod for railway maintainence crews. And the two utes (pick ups for you yanks) are in Australia and probably belong to farmers in the outback, where there is no street lights at night and the bullbars protect from running over kangaroos or other wildlife that otherwise would screw up your car.

    • Speedy67 Reply

      Thanks Mike for standing up for the Aussie outback classics, Not a lot of H series holden utes on the road these days, and even fewer feral versions. There is something about a little 253 screaming its lungs out while it is laying down a strip or two of fresh rubber on a lonely road in the middle of nowhere.

  13. Justin "ZebraCakeZ" Reply

    I would have to respectfully disagree with a few of these. Most belong here, but that Tupolev A3 Boat is a very rare and extremely respected piece of Russian engineering history. That very boat, the one in the picture, sold for $200,000 at an American auction a few years ago.

    Likewise, at the end is a UniMog Road-Rail truck, a very useful piece of technology that is utilized by practically every railroad and rail maintenance company in the world. You might as well complain that forklifts are ugly….looks are hardly the point.

    A few of these are purpose built advertising vehicles (like the meow-mix van), they are built to be brash and intentionally attention grabbing. A cat-van is obviously just a company trying to have fun and think outside the box to help sell a product that…let’s be honest….is NOT very exciting.

    And one or two of these are extremely well executed custom car builds that are simply not to the taste of this articles author. A car that is a centerpiece at SEMA or wins a Ridler award may not be your cup of tea, but it surely is not a failure. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    The other 90% of these need to be crush immediately and recycled into decorative book-ends or something.

  14. nicolas Reply

    il y a meme des voiture d’rigine comme celle qui va sur les rails et certaines etait pas mal :/

  15. Dilupa Reply

    The last car is great. Such a modification should not fall into this category.

  16. Thomas Smith Reply

    each and every one a testament to humanity …..insanity!!!!!
    i loved them all!!!!

  17. Paul Reply

    The second one (the van with convertible top) was from Top Gear UK. They were commenting on how you don’t see such a vehicle and tried to modify one into a convertible. It caught fire INSIDE a car wash when the wash machinery got the convertible top material tangled in it.

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