Are Expensive Tires Worth The Cost? Find Out In This Video

A new study has shown that expensive tires are not always worth the cost. So, should you buy expensive tires or not? Which all-season tires are the best for your vehicle? AAA recently carried out a study involving 12 different all-season tires, in two different price categories, for two different vehicles. We are here today with a video from Engineering Explained that will explain to you in detail why the expensive tires are not worth the extra cost.

Are Expensive Tires Worth The Cost? Find Out In This Video!

The cars used by AAA for the test included a 2017 Ford F-150 and a 2017 Toyota Camry. The reason for choosing them was the fact that they are the most popular passenger cars and light cars thus a true representative of what people are currently driving. Both cars tested a total of six different tires with each tire featuring two sets; one brand new set of tires and the other set that had been worn down to 4/32nds.

The results of the study are astonishing, to say the least. The concluded results have proven that the price is not a leading factor in determining whether a tire will perform well in the wet (new or worn). This is true for even the tires that are competing in the same category. The variations were large among the individual tires and if you are trying to make the best decision while purchasing tires; you should ideally look up the information on the individual tires that you are considering.

Are Expensive Tires Worth The Cost? Find Out In This Video!

You can check out the video below for learning more in detail about why expensive tires are actually not worth the cost. The tests in this video were focused on wet performance; braking from a speed of 60mph to 0 mph in 1mm of water, and the skid past testing for assessing lateral acceleration on 0.8 mm of water. Do let us know what you think of this video!

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