UAE Appoints World’s First Minister For Artificial Intelligence

With the fast paced growth of technology in the world, no country can afford to just sit back and watch things unfurl. The growing technology does not only affects a single part of the sphere but has an impact all across the globe. Unable to stay out of the race, UAE has jumped on the bandwagon and announced its first artificial intelligence minister.

In the cabinet reshuffle on Thursday, Omar Bin Sultan Al Olama, 27 years of age, was appointed as the first minister of state for artificial intelligence. With impossible goals set forth by men like Elon Musk and company, UAE aspires to play its part in the race to other planets. The UAE plan for the future involves it building homes on Mars in a century.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Prime Minister and vice-president and ruler of Dubai took to Twitter to announce the new appointment. The new announcement was made keeping in mind the UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is a major part of the UAE Centennial 2070 objectives. This initiative was taken to improve UAE’s performance and to create a productive environment to encourage innovation by investing in AI. The new incentive takes its root in the project announced earlier this year known as “Mars 2117”. Before announcing the cabinet members, he made the following tweet.

With these new steps and the knowledge that UAE has the capital to invest in such ventures, we might see UAE become one of the big players in the field of AI in the near future. “The landing of people on other planets has been a longtime dream for humans. Our aim is that the UAE will spearhead international efforts to make this dream a reality,” Maktoum was quoted as saying in a report.

Another tweet made by the prime minister suggests that UAE is done sitting around waiting for things to happen and are taking the reins in their own hands.

Exciting times ahead!

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