Apple’s New VR Headset Will Reportedly Have A Display Facing Outward To Show The User’s Facial Expressions


A new leak to The Information has shown new info that aligns well with the previously disclosed details about Apple’s much-awaited mixed reality headset.

The report confirms that it will have the feature of a large outward-facing display on the front of the headset that will emulate the user’s facial expressions to make them feel less secluded from the real world.

Building on that design philosophy, a physical dial on the side of the device will reportedly allow users to phase between the virtual and physical world through a color-passthrough view.

There will also be a waist-mounted battery that hooks up to the headband via a MagSafe-like power adapter.

It is expected that the gadget will be launched by the end of this year. The estimated cost is  $3,000, depending on its configuration.

The specs, if the new report ends up being accurate, are quite impressive. The headset will automatically adjust to the wearer’s interpupillary distance with the use of tiny motors and will offer its wearer a luxurious 120-degree field of view.


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