Apple’s New $5 Billion Spaceship Campus Is Covered In Mud


Ever since Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the construction of the new $5 billion Campus 2, all the media outlets have been buzzing around the spaceship-like-building to get a sneak peek. Although the employees were promised to be moving in by January 2017, the campus is still a work in progress.

A new drone video, from photographer Matthew Roberts filmed on Monday, showed that while the landscaping and interior work has started, there still is a lot to be done. The latest footage also revealed something odd. Due to heavy rains in Northern California since last Saturday, Apple’s dirt piles have turned into pools of mud, which might slow down the construction process even more!

Apple has already started planting trees and aims to cover over 50 percent of the campus in green. They are also halfway done installing the solar panels covering the roof.

Take a look at the latest pictures.

Right now, the construction site has lots of standing water and mud.

More mud.

Solar panels cover about 60% of the roof.

The place where the stunning atrium is supposed to be.

The auditorium for all new product reveals is almost complete.

Here’s the entire drone flyover video:

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