Apple Says BMW’s Wireless Charging May Break The iPhone 15’s Apple Pay Chip

Over the past week, a concerning issue has surfaced among some BMW owners involving their iPhone 15’s NFC chip after utilizing their vehicle’s wireless charging pad. Numerous complaints have emerged on platforms such as MacRumors Forums and Twitter (now known as X) where affected customers have detailed their experiences. After wireless charging, the iPhone 15 appears to go into a data recovery mode with a white screen, rendering the NFC chip non-functional following a reboot.

The NFC chip within an iPhone 15 is pivotal for features like Apple Pay and digital car keys, making this malfunction especially troublesome for users. The affected individuals receive an error message in the Wallet app stating, “Could Not Set Up Apple Pay,” leaving them with a device unable to perform critical functions. Attempts at device replacement by Apple have proven futile, as the replacement iPhone experiences the same issue, indicating that this problem is persistent and currently lacks a lasting solution.

Though complaints have predominantly come from iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max users, there is a potential risk for iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models as well. Therefore, owners of any iPhone 15 variant should exercise caution when using BMW’s wireless charging feature until a resolution is reached.

The root cause of this issue remains uncertain, and crucial details such as the extent of affected customers and the specific BMW models involved remain undisclosed. Contact has been made with Apple for their perspective on the matter, and this article will be updated with any response received.

In conclusion, it is advisable for iPhone 15 users to refrain from utilizing BMW’s wireless charging pad until further information is provided. Apple and BMW are expected to investigate and work towards a resolution, ensuring that the NFC chip functions seamlessly without any adverse effects from wireless charging.

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