Apple Put An Xbox-Like Controller In Its Car When Self-Driving Wasn’t Working

Apple’s venture into the realm of self-driving cars was full of ambition and innovation, yet ultimately ended in disappointment. One intriguing aspect of their project was the development of a backup control system that replaced the traditional steering wheel with a controller resembling that of an Xbox.

The prototype, known as the “Bread Loaf” for its minivan-like shape, featured this unique controller as its most advanced backup control system. Designed for situations where the autonomous driving technology struggled, the controller was intended to provide manual control. CEO Tim Cook tested this concept in 2020 and reportedly impressed Apple executives.

Despite the promising innovation, Apple faced challenges in achieving the level of sophistication desired for its self-driving software. The company’s initial goal was full autonomy, known as Level 5, where the vehicle would navigate without human input. However, Apple later shifted its focus to Level 2 autonomy, allowing for temporary hands-off driving.

This change in strategy was attributed to the difficulty of achieving the high level of self-control previously thought. Apple engineers are reportedly unsure of their ability to create the right technology. Despite investing nearly $1 billion a year in the project, Apple finally abandoned its “Project Titan” electric car plan after nearly a decade of development.

The story of Apple’s driverless car project is a reminder of the difficulties and challenges involved in developing a driverless car. Although the Xbox-like controller is not in production, it demonstrates the new concept and creative solutions Apple is looking for in its quest for automotive performance.

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